Zhinvali Quartet

Zhinvali Quartet is led by Zaza Gorelishvili, the director of Zhinvali’s Cultural House. Zaza is an outstanding singer and instrumentalist who, alongside his son Gia and Mate Mangoshvili, plays with Kolchika Quintet which regularly tours in Europe.


Members at the time of recording: Zaza Gorelishvili, Gia Gorelishvili (the eldest of Zaza's four sons), Roman Chit’auri, Mate Mangoshvili.

Zhinvali Quartet - Mtaze Aval Da Davdzakheb
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A patriotic song made famous by the singing of Nugzar Psut'uri and the Kolkheti Ensemble.


To hear another version of this ong, visit the page of Longo Khutsaidze.

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Mtaze Aval Da Davdzakheb

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Mtaze aval da davdzakheb

Simgheras omakhiansa

Ver vatelineb samshoblos

Mt’ers veragsa da t’ialsa

Kartvels sik’vdili urchevnis

Sitsotskhles ghalat’iansa


K’aiqma ertkhel nashobi

Mok’vdeba khelshi khmlianad

Arts khmali unda vazhk’atssa

Tu guli gaipkhiana

Jishs ver gasts’qvet’en kartvelis

Gind amosts’qvit’on mtlianad


Avakhmianeb samrek’los

Zarebs shemovk’rav khmianad

T’omag tu amogits’qvit’es

Vai rom darchebi t’ialad

Kartvelo sakartvelostvis

Gemgheros mudam khmianad




I Will Climb A Mountain


I will climb a mountain

And gallantly call out a song

I will never allow the treacherous enemy

To insult the homeland

Georgians would prefer death

Than to live with treason


A good young man is born to one day

Die with a sword in his hand

The brave man does not need a sword

If his heart is in anger

Even if they wanted to quell it

They could not silence our blood


Sound the church bells

Summon their ringing voices

For if they take those away

We will be dismally alone

Georgians! In the name of our land

We shall sing to you, forever!

Zhinvali Quartet - Kalakuri
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An impressive instrumental trio, played on salamuriclassical panduri, and bass panduri.  

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Gia Gorelishvili - Sapanduro Ghighini
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A melody played on the panduri1 by Gia Gorelishvili.


1A three-stringed, fretted lute common in all regions of northeastern Georgia. The instrument is most frequently used to accompany ballad singing. Read more about the panduri here.

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