Dato Naveriani & Mate Pitskhelava

Dato was born in 1986 in Mulakhi, Svaneti.1 His father, Navruz  Naveriani, was the director of the Cultural House there as well as a soloist in Mestia’s national ensemble, ''Riho.''  Dato later studied music in Tbilisi at the Shota Milorava Institute. He currently works in Kazakstan, but when in Georgia lives between Tbilisi and Svaneti.


Mate, who joins Dato for their recording, is originally from Samegrelo. Check out Bani, the Tbilisi-based band of which he is a member.


1Svaneti is a region in northwestern Georgia, perched high in the Caucasus Mountains.  The local language is Svan, one of four Kartvelian languages spoken in Georgia. Due to its isolation, Svaneti more than other regions has retained many of its ancient customs, including its unique choral singing tradition. Most Svan songs are antiphonal, alternating between two choirs of similar size, and are performed with a round dance.  The ch'unir, a 3-stringed bowed lute, and the changi, a harp mostly played by women, are frequently used to accompany singing.

Dato Naveriani & Mate Pirtskhelava - Misha Khergianze
+ Song Info

When Dato was fourteen years old, his father organized an event honoring the legendary Svan alpinist Mikheil Khergiani.1 Preparations for the evening inspired Dato to write a song in Misha’s name, which premiered at the event.


The song is particularly unique as it is in both the Georgian and Svan language. Dato says the rhythm of the song came out best this way, and he felt that as Khergiani was from Mestia himself, the Svan language suited it well.


1Mikheil Khergiani (1932-1969) was a legendary Svan mountaineer. He was the most popular sportsman in the former Soviet Union when it came to wall climbing and mastering alpinism.  He created new routes to the peaks in the Caucasus and saved many climber's lives during rescue missions.  He died in a climbing accident in the Italian Alps.


To hear other songs about Misha Khergiani, listen to ''K'ojre Makhvshi'' by The Pirtskhelani Family Ensemble and ''Shaira Misha Khergianze'' performed by K'asletila Ensemble.

+ Lyrics

There is no English translation for this song, which alternates between the Georgian and Svan language. If you are able to provide one, please include it in an email to aurelia@tsutisopeli.com and we will update the page.


Misha Khergianze


Dak’arguli ar var Misha

Sakhels vt’oveb ara mishavs

Mtamsvlelebi gamovzaede

Ait’anen qvelgan nishans

Tkventana var, tkveni shvili


Khocha ladegh khocha mushvans

Miqvars chemi laghami da

Ar vghalat’ob, me chem lishvans


Zhi khvimare megch’a tak’vars

K’ojas khvasvem jihraa talars

Mam khvipsh’g’re chike ghalars

K’ojars khvabtkve mishgva gvamars


Me betkilis modgmisa var

K’ldeze jikhvi mikheltia

Skhva mkhareshi ver vcherdebi

Chemi svaneti mirchvenia


Shors ts’avedi t’ianshanzed

Ik ilik’os gauare

Versad vnakhe is bich’ebi

Qovelmkhridan mouare


Tetr shkharaze pekhi shevdgi

Amovarda kart’ekhili

Vnakhe guram sheni iqo

Sheraqini gat’ekhili


Dak’argulad ar chamtvalot

Tsotskhali var, hoi tsotskhali

K’ldidan k’ldeze ise davkri

Vit enguris nap’irs ts’qali


Zhi khvimare megch’a tak’vars

K’ojas khvasvem bgi talars

Mam khvipsh’g’re chike ghalars

K’ojas khvaptkve mishgva gvamars