Leila Lachishvili
Kvemo Art'ani

Leila (1938-2013) was seventy-five years old at the time of recording.  Born along the peaceful Iori River in the village of Duluzaurebi, she married seven kilometers upstream in Kvemo Art’ani, the village where she spent the rest of her life.


While in the 1960’s Kvemo Art’ani had many residents, today its houses are mostly empty.  It is a fantastically beautiful part of the country where Leila is from – nested in the river valley amidst rolling hills and a view of the Pshavi highlands.  Leila enjoyed singing her whole life, and in her youth put on concerts in Tianeti with her peers.


Leila passed away in early summer, 2013. She is survived by three daughters, eight grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.


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Leila Lachishvili - K'argi Kali Var
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A ballad.

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K’argi Kali Var

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Shena vtkvi k’argi kali var,                 

Ara var sadzrakhiani,                          

Shengan ra metkva sadzrakhi,        

Dghemts dagibnela mziani.               


Eg sheni sakhlits ikneba                   

Sul mudam sat’irliani,                      

Eg sakhlits okhrad dagrcheba

Ivli ver balk’omiani


Nandomi tsolits mogik’lavs.

Udrood dach’lekebuli

Shvilebi ts’vrileb dagrcheba

Udrood daoblebuli.


Rad ambob int’eresita

Rad ginda chemi ch’orebi,

Gulzdamts dagekhureba

Andarezais gorebi.


Shegagdo jojokhetshia

Asi dghe-ghame mbrdzoleli,

Gars gert’qas sulis jaria,

Khelshi ek’aos nemsebi.

Dagimat’ebdnen imdensa,

Ramdensats daik’vnesebdi.




I Am A Good Woman


I said I am a good woman

I am not blameworthy

What do you have to blame me for?

May all of your sunny days darken


May your house always be abandoned

Full of tears, with no one to inherit it

And may you walk away,

Leaving a house without a balcony


You have killed the wife you wanted 

Because she had tuberculosis at a young age

You are left with many children

Orphaned far too early


Why are you interested in

Gossiping about me?

The hills of Andareza      

Will fall on your heart.


May you fall into Hell     

For one hundred days and nights

And around you be an army of souls

Holding needles in their hands       

Jabbing you with one more  

Each time you moan

Leila Lachishvili - Karabis P'ir-P'ir
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A love song.

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Karapis P’ir-p’ir


Karapis p’ir-p’ir nu mikhval         

Uetsrad gadavardebi                       

Shen khom iseti k’argi khar           

Upsk’rulsats sheuqvardebi            




Don’t walk on the edge of the steep mountain           

You will fall off all of a sudden

You are so good

Even the abyss will fall in love with you

Leila Lachishvili - Mivdivar Ts’qlisa Nak’vetsa
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Mivdivar Ts’qlisa Nak’vetsa

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Mivdivar ts’qlisa nak’vetsa                          

Chavvarde chamzaduli var                          

Ch’iri mamch’amos, chavvarde                   

Me maints dak’arguli var                             

Ts’qals mivdev ts’qlisa nap’irsa,                    

Ingreva, ara vvardebi                                     

Sheni ch’irime, rom ts’aval                           

Gamomigzavne vardebi                                




I Am Walking on the Bank of the Water


I am walking on the bank of the water

I am ready to fall into it

I might as well, for me it’s all the same

I am still lost

I follow the bank of the water 

It is collapsing, but I am not falling in

My darling, when I pass away

Please send me roses

Leila Lachishvili - Mtaze
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A love song.

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Mtaze dak’repil qvavilta k’ona        

Gzas dagilotsav chemo gogona        

Ra dedam gshoba aseti nazi                        

Minda daglotso, amivse tasi            




A bunch of flowers picked on the mountain

May it bless your road, my girl

What tender mother birthed you

With this cup, I want to bless you


Leila Lachishvili - Rotsa Tvalts’in Midgas Art’nis Didi Mtebi
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Rotsa Tvalts’in Midgas Art’nis Didi Mtebi

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Rotsa tvalts’in midgas art’nis didi mtebi   

Tovliani ch’ala, ch’alas didi kvebi                

Rotsa tvalts’in midgas k’okht’a satibebi     

T’qe sitsotskhlit savse, mts’vane satibebi   

Gashlili ch’ala, tovliani mtebi                      

Da tsiv ts’qaros k’ldeze khavsiani kvebi     

Ai mashin sikharulit da sitsotskhlit vk’vdebi     

Rotsa chamdzakhian sevdiani khmebi         

T’k’bilad ch’ik’ch’ik’eben balk’omsshi mertskhlebi   

Chems ezoshi nazad norchi qvavilebi        

Chach’k’nebian male, rom aghar viknebi    

Momik’itkhavs ia, momik’itkhavs vardi      

Gauchndebat imat chemzed didi dardi.     




When out front lies Art’ani’s1 big mountains

The snowy grove and the grove’s big rocks


When out front lies beautiful grasslands

And the forest, full of life


The open grove, the snowy mountains

The cold springs by the cliffs, the mossy rocks


Ah, then with love and joy I will die

As the swallows chirping sweetly

Caling me with sorrowful voices


In my yard, tenderly youthful flowers 

Fade fast and disappear


The violet greets me, the rose greets me

They see within me my big sorrows


1Leila's village, looking out over the mountains of Pshavi

Leila Lachishvili - Mtas Qopna
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There is no English translation available for this version of this song. If you are able to provide one, please include it in an email to aurelia@tsutisopeli.com and we will update the page.  


Until then, please refer to the pages of Gulo Natelashvili and P'avle Burduli for different versions that include English translations.


A shepherd song. In reference to this folk poem, Donald Rayfield in "The Literature of Georgia: A History" says:


The poetry that teases shepherds reflects the conviction, expressed in the definition of 'man' in a Tsova-Tush-Georgian dictionary, that a man is 'one who does not go among sheep'. Shepherds lack the charisma that Hellenic or Christian legends give them.  In Tush poetry the shepherd is made to say:


               I'm not fed up with the mountains

               Nor do I long for the valley,

               Nor to sleep and lie with beautiful women,

               Nor to talk with them.

               I prefer the red-eyed ewe

              And tugging at her forelock.

+ Lyrics

There is no English translation available for this version of this song. If you are able to provide one, please include it in an email to aurelia@tsutisopeli.com and we will update the page.  


Until then, please refer to the pages of Gulo Natelashvili and P'avle Burduli for different versions that include English translations.


Mtas Qopna

Mtas ch’irkhli mohk’idebia,

Mts’qemso ahqare tskhoria,

An ar magts’qinda mtas qopna?

An ar maginda baria?


Artsa momts’qinda mtas qopna

Artsa mominda baria

Arts lamaz kaltan alersi

Arts mastan saubaria


Net’avi mtao maghalo

Chamogadabla barita

Ikneba davinakhavdi

Chem sheqvarebuls tvalita


* * * * 


T’arsa vin mamtsemso mts’ivansao

Kmarsa vin mamtsemso ivanes mkvivanso

Adeki bedshavo sheni sts’orebi

Tskhvars adoleben nabadsats dzravo

Daekhsen kal bedshav nu daaghone

Daekhsen bedshao doghlilsa hgavso


* * * 


Atanas mosts’qda tsalgverdi

Zovad mozidna kvishao

Tan moiqola tskhvar-mts’qemsi

Or-or sam-sami dzmisao


Tan moiqola dzaghlebi

Gambrunebeli mt’risao

Tan moiqola pirebi

Mzidavi bunagisao

T’batanit ts’amoghebuli

Bakht’rions gamovidao