Tina Khiblashvili

Tina is a panduri and balalaika1 player from Pshavi. She comes from Matura, one of the most isolated villages in the highland. She grew up singing with her two sisters.  Her father P'avle was a woodworker and instrument maker, known throughout the area for his skills.


It is rare to find a mountain woman like Tina who plays the balalaika, an instrument mainly played by men in Georgia.


Today, Tina lives in the village of Bichnigauri with her aunt and uncle. She has one daughter and two grandchildren.


1A russian folk instrument that made its way into the northeastern highlands of Georgia. It has three strings, a triangular body, and is tuned the same way as the classical panduri. Read more here.

Tina Khiblashvili - Dadek Da Karo Miambe
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A love song.

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Dadek Da Karo Miambe

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Dadek da karo miambe

Ambav pshavis khevisa

Rogor arian mta-k’ldeni

Daqruebulni karisa


Khan ts’qal mch’irdeba diano

Khan qvaviln k’idev qvavilsa

An ts’verni maghlis mtisani

Dabla sit’urpe barisa


/Ik ari kali lamazi

An is rogora mqavisa/




Breeze, Sit Down and Tell Me


Breeze, sit down and tell me

The story of the Pshavi1 Valley

Tell me about the mountains and the rocks

Tell me about the deafening wind


Now water is needed

For the flowers again to bloom

And for the high mountain peak

And the beauty of the plains below


There, is a beautiful woman

How is it that she is mine?


1A highland in northeast Georgia. Read more about Pshavi here

Tina Khiblashvili - Dak'argul Silamazes Gaumarjos
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Dak’argul Silamazes Gaumarjos

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Dak’argul silamazes gaumarjos

Dak’argul sevdasa da tsremls

/Qvelaze satsodavkhes gaumarjos

Qvelaze mots’qenil dghes/


Tetrad natev ghames gaumarjos

Ughrublo bilik’sa da gzas

Qvela mtvral sitsotskhles gaumarjos

Qvela gza abneul mgzavrs


Qvela sadghegrdzelos gaumarjos

Jer ar natkvamsa da tkmuls

Qvela mts’ukharebas gaumarjos

Qvelaze dachagrul guls


Karis ts’amokrolvas gaumarjos

Potols gadagdebuls erts

/Kveqnad siqvarulis gachenistvis

Madli movakhsenot ghmerts/




Log Live Lost Beauty


Long live1 lost beauty

Lost sadness and tears

Long live the most sorrowful tree

And the saddest day


Long live the white nights2

Cloudless roads and paths

Long live all drunken life

To all travellers who have lost their way


Long live all of our blessings

Whether spoken or unspoken

Long live all of our mourning

To the most oppressed of hearts


Long live the blowing wind

And the flying leaf

For the creation of love

We thank God mercifully


1The saying that is used in Georgia while toasting with alcohol is ''gaumarjos,'' which means ''prosperity'' or ''long life.'' This song is made up of a series of toasts.


2A sleepless night.

Tina Khiblashvili - Sait Midikharto Pshavlebo
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This is a song that Tina remembers people singing at their place of prayer in Pshavi, her mountain homeland.

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Sait Midikharto Pshavlebo


Sait midikharto pshavlebo

Tskhenkhetkitao rialitao

Lasharisio jvaris droshisa

Samadao shrialitao




Where Are You Going, People of Pshavi? 


Where are you going, people of Pshavi?1

With the raucous sound of horses

With the flag of Lashari’s Cross2

Rustling mercifully 


1A highland in northeastern Georgia where the singer is from. Read more about Pshavi here.


2Lashari, Also referred to as Lashari's Cross, a sanctuary to Saint George of Lashari.  Located in the northeast highland of Pshavi and famous throughout Georgia, the mountaintop shrine used to be the political and religious center for Pshavs. The festivals of Lasharoba and Tamaroba (the latter referring to Lashari's sister shrine at Tamar-Ghele) are still celebrated every July in Pshavi.  

Tina Khiblashvili - Vazhk'atsuri Damidia Ghmerttan Pitsi
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This song is based on a love poem written in 1948 by Otar Ch’iladze (1933-2009), a famous Georgian writer of poetry and prose who is buried at the Mtats’minda Pantheon in Tbilisi.

+ Lyrics

Vazhk’atsuri Damidia Ghmerttan Pitsi

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Vazhk’atsuri damidia ghmerttan pitsi:

Qovel ts’utas gordas unda vlesavde…

Met’okestan met’okuri brdzola vitsi,

Nu mimt’quvneb, gogov, sheni k’vnesa me.


Shens dzebnashi gza-k’vali rad ameria,

Ts’vimam ristvis gadaretskha pikali,

Varsk’vlavebshi sheni tvali romelia -

Vechurchulo nanat’ri-napikrali.


At’mis qvavils gaabatsebs sheni t’uchi,

Shen suntkvashi ia uts’qlod ikharebs…

Me tu damch’ra, siqvarulma damch’ra gulshi,

Chachokilits shensk’en gadmovikhare.


Tskhens simgherit mivakroleb gashlil gzaze

Mivesalme t’qebs tavi damiknies

Alaverdshi ertkhel moval dgheobaze

Alaverdi shentana var damilie


Shens navalze me vardebi unda vk’ripo

Shav tva-sharbav gza-k’vali rad amirie

Alaverdshi qansts’it moval dgheobaze

Alaverdi shentana var damilie




I Bravely Make An Oath


I bravely make an oath:

For every moment I will sharpen my sword

I know how to fight my rivals

Don't betray me girl, you will hear me moan

In search of you, the tracks are blurred

Why has the rain cleaned the shale?

Where are your eyes admidst the stars?

How I long to tell someone my thoughts and desires...


Your lips wilt the peach flower

From your breath alone, violets bloom

If I am wounded, it is love that hurt my heart

I will come to you on my knees


I ride my horse in song along the open roads

I greet the forest as it bows to me

I will come to Alaverdi on a holy day

Alaverdi to you,1 drink for me!


I will pick roses from your path

Black-eyed girl, you’ve really confused me!

I will come to Alaverdi on a holy day with a qants’i2

Alaverdi to you, drink for me!


1Georgia has a rich and complex feasting culture. When the head of the table, the toastmaster (tamada) says ''alaverdi shentan'' to you, you must elaborate on his toast. 


2A mountain goat horn used as a drinking vessel for special toasts during feasts.

Tina Khiblashvili - Egre Vgrdznob, Egre Mipikrav
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A love song.

+ Lyrics

Egre Vgrdznob, Egre Mipikrav

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Egre vgrdznob, egre mipikrav

Avsizmar amikhdebisa

/An t’qvia shamatamashebs

Gamosrolili mt’rebisa/


Anats gamriqavs ch’alaze

Zvavi daghist’nis mtebisa

/Shens natsvlad tsremlebs damaqris

Tselki chanchkeri mtebisa/


Ra deda amit’irdeba

Ra mama daghondebisa

/Shen maints damit’irodi

Chemeber t’anjulo bedisa/


Chems gulshi chemo mnatobo

Mchagvrelo varsk’vlavebisa

Chemsasa gedzakhi ar vitsi

Ikneba gakhde skhvebisa

Ts’akhvedi menats mivdivar

Dro ari gamgzavrebisa




So Are My Feelings, So Is My Thought


So are my feelings, so is my thought

That a bad dream will come true

Either a bullet will reach me

Shot by the enemy


Or I will be trapped in a riverbed

By an avalanche in the Dagestani mountains

Instead of your tears, those dropping on me

Will be from the lively mountain waterfall


My mother will cry for me

My father will mourn

I wish you could weep for me

We have suffered the same misfortune


You are a luminary in my heart

More beautiful than the stars

I call you mine, but I don’t know

You may be someone else’s

Go on, for I am leaving too

The time has come for us to depart