Rost'om Saginashvili

Seventy-three years old at the time of recording, Rost’om Saginashvili is an important figure in the history of Georgian singing. 


A soloist for the Georgian State Ensemble directed by Anzor Kavsadze, Rost’om’s voice, alongside Ilia Zakaidze’s,1 is on a 1977 recording of ''Chak’rulo'' that was sent to the cosmos on the Voyager.2


1Ilia Zakaidze (1924-2008) was one of the most famous Georgian singers of the 20th century. 


2Carl Linich was the first to identify Rost’om and Ilia’s voices on the Voyager recording.  Read more about his important contributions to the world of Georgian music.

Rost'om Saginashvili - Urmuli
+ Song Info

A waggoner's song.


Traditionally peasants would travel all the way to the source of the Mt'k'vari River to bring back salt to their villages.  This is a work song that tells of that journey.


+ Lyrics



Gasts’ie kharo gasts’ie

Satsaa gatendebao


Aghzevans mival marilze

Marils movit’an brolsao


Jer dedas gadavekhvevi bich’ebo

Mere shvilsa da tsolsao






Go on bull, go on

Dawn will soon break


I will go to Aghzevan for salt

I will bring back crystals of salt


First I will embrace my mother

And then my child and my wife


1Urmuli comes from uremi, which is a word to describe a bullock-cart that peasants used while working the fields. These carts were taken with them on their journey to the mines to bring back salt.