Dali Bik'ashvili & Naira Nat'roshvili
Zemo Machkhaani

Both Dali and Naira have spent decades dedicated to the musical life of their communities. 


Dali is known for singing a cappella songs from Kiziqi, the historical region where they live.  Naira leads a children’s choir today in Zemo Machkhaani.


Having worked side by side for so long, Dali and Naira’s voices blend together effortlessly.

Dali Bik'ashvili & Naira Nat'roshvili - Legenda Machkhaanze
+ Song Info

Poetry: Ioseb Gogashvili

Music: Mikheil Chirinashvili


The legend of how Machkhaani, the village where Naira is from, came to be.

+ Lyrics

Legenda Machkhaanze

Text: Ioseb Gogashvili  

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Gulis p’irs siskhlis sdioda

Ts’ioda velze kari

Alaznis p’iras mosula

mt’ris utvalavi jari


Gadats’ves k’akhis sopeli

Ar darcha kva kvazeda

Gadarcha erti bavshvi

Gadarcha erti deda


Gulshi chaik’ra p’irmsho

T’qes sheapara tavi

Glovit gazarda bavshvi

T’anze emosa shavi


Daizrdeboda ch’abuk’ad

Machkha hkonia gvari

Da mis samts’qemsos gashenda

Sopeli machkhaani




The Legend of Machkhaani


A bosom was covered in blood

In the valley the wind howled

Towards the banks of the Alazani1

Approached the enemy’s innumerable army


The village of K’akhi was burned down

No stone was left on top another

Only one child survived

Only one mother survived


She embraced her firstborn child

And hid herself in the woods

In mourning she raised her child

Clad in clothes of black


He grew into a young lad

His family name was Machkha

His flock grew into

The village of Machkhaani


1Having its source in the Greater Caucasus, the Alazani River flows through K'akheti and forms the border between Azerbaijan and Georgia before it runs into the Mt'k'vari River.