Longo Khutsaidze
Kvemo Alvani

Longo is by far the youngest musician in the Ts’utisopeli Project.  His recordings were made in 2012 when he was only 12 years old.


Born in Kvemo Alvani, Longo is a Tush1 who enjoys singing the songs of his ancestors as well as popular Georgian music. He has three siblings and supportive parents who deeply understand the value of Georgia’s folk traditions and encourage Longo in his studies.  


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1A person originally from the highland of Tusheti in northeast Georgia. Read more about the Tush here.

Longo Khutsaidze - Khma Utsnauri Mesmis Movdivar
+ Song Info

A love song.

+ Lyrics

Khma Utsnauri Mesmis Movdivar

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Khma utsnauri mesmis movdivar

Mogagneb gnakhav kalau saitme

/Da tu ver gnakhe ch’alais bolos

Gadavakoteb t’qeebs sairmes/


Gadavakoteb maghal ch’iukhvebs

Tan gaviqoleb prtamal arts’ivebs

/K’ldeebze shurtkhebs gavek’idebi

Chemi pikri rom maghla aits’evs/


Da ase vivli qvavilt amara

Shemiparaven mts’qemsta k’arvebi

/Da tu ver gnakhe chemo lurj tvala

Mtebshi nislivit davik’argebi/




I Hear a Foreign Voice


I hear a foreign voice and I'm approaching

I will find you somewhere, woman

If I don’t find you by the end of the grove

I will rummage the whole forest through


I will search the high gorges

With a swift-winged eagle by my side

I will follow the snowcocks

While my thoughts rise high


I shall walk in the flowers

Sheltered by the shepherd's tent

And if I don’t find your blue eyes

I'll be lost in the mountains like fog

Longo Khutsaidze - Arkhot'is Tsasavit Lurji Gakvs Tvalebi
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Well-known in Georgia, this love song was popularized by the singing of Khevsur singer and poet, Gela Daiauri.


+ Lyrics

Arkhot’is Tsasavit Lurji Gakvs Tvalebi


Arkhot’is tsasavit lurji gakvs tvalebi

Mshvenebit mohgevkhar salik’ldis avazas

/Mag silamazistvis gts’qevlian kalebi

Vazhebi lotsaven shen saval shara-gzas/


Mze kalo me shenze pikrebi mats’valebs

Ismine kalau vazhk’atsis vedreba

/Kalaks nu ts’aigheb qornisper dalalebs

Mtebs upro ukhdeba mag tvalta mshveneba/


Ramdenjer vevedre lashars da k’op’alas

Rom damibrunebdnen ap’rilebs gaprenils

/Shors gagit’atsebdi tselksa da lurjtvalas

Shens dalals vnakhavdi chems mk’erdze dapenils/


Da rogorts qachaghi arts’ivta sabudars

Moval da gavkhdebi salik’ldis khizani

/Shurtkhevtan dagmalav satsoles sakurdals

Ushenod sitsotskhles ara akvs mizani/




Your Eyes Are Blue Like Arkhoti's1 Sky


Your eyes are blue like the sky of Arkhoti

Ravishing, like a leopard on the cliffs

Women curse you for your beauty

And men pray on the roads you walk


Sunwoman, I suffer when I think of you!

Listen to this brave man’s entreaty:

Don’t take your raven-colored braid to town -

Mountains are a better fit for your charming eyes


I've prayed many times to Lashari2 and K’op’ala3

For the return of April months that have gone

I captured your playful blue eyes from afar

Envisioning your braid lying on my chest


And like a thief at the eagle’s nest

I will migrate to those rocky cliffs

I'll hide you among the snowcocks, my bride

For without you, life has no purpose


1A remote valley in Khevsureti, a highland in northeast Georgia.


2Lashari, Also referred to as Lashari's Cross, a sanctuary to Saint George of Lashari.  Located in the northeast highland of Pshavi and famous throughout Georgia, the mountaintop shrine used to be the political and religious center for Pshavs. The festivals of Lasharoba and Tamaroba (the latter referring to Lashari's sister shrine at Tamar-Ghele) are still celebrated every July in Pshavi.  It is worth noting that historically these summertime festivals also served as meeting places for young men and women who came from all valleys and mountains of eastern Georgia, which is why it is mentioned in love songs such as this one. 


3K'op'ala refers to a legendary supernatural being worshipped by Khevsurs and Pshavs, who each have a sanctuary in his name (K'arati's Cross in Khevsureti and Tsikhe-Gora in Pshavi). The highlanders especially revered K'op'ala for fighting off evil spirits and helping captive souls find their rightful places in the afterlife. A festival held every July, K'op'aloba involves feasts and a horserace (doghi), complex rituals enacted by the living for the dead relatives of their clan, to ensure the welcoming of deceased souls into their designated positions.

Longo Khutsaidze - Mtaze Aval Da Davdzakhe
+ Song Info

A patriotic song, made famous by the singing of Nugzar Psuturi and the Kolkheti Ensemble.  


To hear another version of this song, visit the page of Zhinvali Quartet.

+ Lyrics

Mtaze Aval Da Davdzakhe

(scroll down for English translation)


Mtaze aval da davdzakhe

Simgheras omakhiansa

Ver vatelineb samshoblos

Mt’ers veragsa da t’ialsa

Kartvels sik’vdili urchevnis

Sitsotskhles ghalat’iansa


K’aiqma ertkhel nashobi

Mok’vdebi khelshi khmlianad

Arts khmali unda vazhk’atssa

Tu guli gaipkhiana

Jishs ver gasts’qvet’en kartvelis

Gind amots’qvit’on mtlianad


Avakhmianeb samrek’los

Zarebs shemovk’rav khmianad

T’omag tu amogits’qvit’es

Vai rom darchebi t’ialad

Kartvelo Sakartvelostvis

Gimgheros mudam khmiana




I Will Climb A Mountain


I will climb a mountain

And gallantly call out a song

I will never allow the treacherous enemy

To insult the homeland

Georgians would prefer death

Than to live with treason


A good young man is born to one day

Die with a sword in his hand

The brave man does not need a sword

If his heart is in anger

Even if they wanted to quell it

They could not silence our blood


Sound the church bells

Summon their ringing voices

For if they take those away

We will be dismally alone

Georgians! In the name of our land

We shall sing to you, forever!