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Venera Bats'ilashvili

Venera lives at the top of the bucolic village of Almat’i: a hilly, traditional K’akhetian settlement with around seven hundred residents.  Her house opens onto a beautiful yard crowned with forest.  Venera has always loved music and today enjoys singing with her neighbor, Tina.

Venera Bats'ilashvili - Gurjaanze
+ Song Info

A proletarian song about the K'akhetian district capital of Gurjaani.

+ Lyrics


(scroll down for English translation)


Gurjaano shen k’akhetis guli khar

Jamrteli da mudam mkhiaruli khar

/Surnelovan ghvinita khar kebuli

St’umrebi gqavs da mit mkhiaruli khar/


Telavidan mgzavri shensk’en isvenebs

Ts’noridanats modis ghvino ch’urita

Sheaertebs dalotsavs da ist’umrebs

Tbilisisk’en simgherit da lkhenita

Shekhvdebian dalotsaven ertmanets

Tbilisisk'en simgherit da lkhenita


Shens ts’iaghshi davazhk’atsdnen gmirebi

Brdzolashi da shromashi gazrdilebi

/Okros varsk’vlavs at’areben gmirebi

Daimsvenes madliani gulebi/


Tkven dideba tkven madloba bich’ebo

Gurjaanis ghvino shevsvat kheladit

/Mosk’ovs vutkhrat megobruli salomi

Movigonot khalkhta didi beladi/







Gurjaani, you are the heart of K’akheti2

You are healthy and joyful

Praised for your aromatic wine

You have guests, and this is why you are so happy

Travelers come from Telavi to visit you and rest.


From Ts'nori3 comes jugs of wine

Glory to your guests! And then they head off

Towards Tbilisi, with singing and merriment

They meet and praise one another


In Gurjaani many men became heroes

Raised in struggle and work

The heroes carry golden stars

Their merciful hearts will rest


Glory to you and thank you, boys

Let’s drink the wine of Gurjaani in clay bowls

Let’s say a friendly ''Hello'' to Moscow

And remember our big leader



1A town in K'akheti that is today one of the centers of Georgia's wine industry.


2Situated in eastern Georgia, K'akheti is a region that centuries ago was an independent kingdom. Telavi is the capital of K'akheti.


3Ts'nori is a town east of Gurjaani with many vineyards.

Venera Bats'ilashvili - St'ilni Gogo
+ Song Info

Sung from a man's perspective, Venera tells this humorous story about a stylish woman who takes advantage of a man on the streets of Tbilisi.  The text may depict a rupture between traditional life in the village and the influence of Russian culture in Georgia's big city.

+ Lyrics

St’ilni Gogo

(scroll down for English translation)


Ert saghamos lektsiidan gamotsip’are

Da shemtkhvevit rustavelze gamoviare

/Tsek’as gverdit gaviare dedav ra vnakhe

St’ilni gogo modioda da davejakhe/


Man k’iseri moibruneba da mitkhra ase

Tsot’a prtkhilad vazhishvilo pekhshi ar ts’agts’vde

/Tsot’a prtkhilad vazhishvilo pekhshi ar ts’agts’vde/

Da eg but’ilk’a sharvali khelshi ar damrches/


Ertkhel k’idev moikheda st’ilni tvalebit

Me megona moikheda man mots’qalebit

/Magram utseb ret’a meskhmis net’av ra iqo

Am chems tavshi qvelaperma rbena daits’qo/


St’ilnma gogom st’ilni chanta khelshi aigho

Arts atsia arts atskhela tavshi damisho

/Tanats ts’ikhli momaqola vai mamik’o

Tertmet’ nomrianma kuslma gverdi ts’aigho/


Khink’ali kudits momkhada gamipriala

St’ilni p’ijak’its gamadzro ts’ikhli daart’qa

/Sakme sharvalze rom midga guli gamisk’da

Amodena vazhk’atsoba sumtlad ts’amikhda/


Vekhvets’ebi kalishvili okh shemibrale

Ar gamkhado kalishvilo shen genatsvale

/Chemi tkhovna ar its’qnara ar shemibrala

Da sharvali khutas met’rze gamipriala/


St’ilni bugebits gamadzro ts’ikhli daart’qa

Da ts’asvlisas mshvenier silats gamats’na

/St’ilni p’ort’peli gaagho k’udro ts’aitskho

Gonmikhdili mimat’ova da svla daits’qo/




Stylish Girl1


One evening I slipped off from lecture

And accidentally walked down Rustaveli Avenue.2

I passed by Tsek’a3 and dear mother what did I see?

Fashion girl was coming and I bumped into her!


She turned her head and said to me

''Be careful, keep walking young man

So that I don’t catch you

And your trousers don’t end up in my hands.''


She looked back again with her stylish eyes

I though she looked back graciously

But suddenly I felt giddy – What was that?

My head began to spin.


The stylish girl took her stylish bag in her hands

And hit me on the head

And besides that, she kicked me, Oh Daddy!

With eleven-inch heels!


She took off my khink’ali hat4 and threw it

She removed my stylish jacket and kicked it away

When she went for my trousers, I fainted

My great manhood was completely lost!


I begged her to take pity on me

''Don’t undress me, little girl''

She didn’t pity my request

And threw my pants five-hundred meters away


She removed my stylish shoes and kicked them away

And before she left, she slapped me too

She opened her stylish bag and put on some makeup

And left me unconscious as she walked away.



1The word used in the song for stylish - ''st'ilni''- is a Russian word. The song lyrics use many Russian words to describe fashionable items of clothing.


2The central avenue in Tbilisi, Georgia's capital, named after the medieval poet Shota Rustaveli.


3A building on Rustaveli Avenue in Tbilisi.


4A hat shaped like a Georgian dumpling

Venera Bats'ilashvili - Mtasikharobs
+ Song Info

A love song.

+ Lyrics


(scroll down for English translation)


Mtasikharobs mag titebis shekhebit

Shadrevantan rom shearkhev dalalebs

/Mze p’irs ibans mk’urdnal ts’qaros shkhepebit

Brolis ch’ikit gadmodikhar alaverds/


Shen gimgherdi, shen gimgherdi sakartvelos didebit

Shens gverdze chkeps,

Shens gverdze chkeps es borjomi ank’ara

/Mtel kveqanas kharob brolis titebit

Skhvas ats’vdi da maints ambo bar k’mara/


Put’k’risavit rogorts taplis nekt’ari

Khalkhisatvis sheni ts’minda valia

/Shenis khelit saamo da net’ari

Mets shemasvi uk’vdavebis ts’qaria/




The Mountain is Happy


The mountain is happy

When you touch it with your fingers

When you shake out your tresses at the hot spring

It's as if the sun is washing its face 

With fine drops of healing water from the spring

''Alaverdi,'' you say, with your crystal glass


I was singing to you with the glory of Georgia

Next to you the pure water of Borjomi runs

You make the whole country happy

With your crystal fingers

You give such delight others

And yet you still wish to give more


Like a bee makes its honey for people to cherish

You make it your holy duty 

To give with your hands a blissful drink

From the immortal spring