Zurab Revazishvili

Zurab was born and raised in Gavazi, a village in K'akheti at the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains.  Well-known amongst locals, he has led the Gavazi Ensemble for many years, which sings traditional songs from their regional home. At eighty-nine years of age at the time of recording, Zurab is as energetic as ever, working the vineyards by day and rehearsing by night.


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+ Song Info

A waggoner's song. Traditionally, peasants would travel all the way to the source of the Mt'k'vari River to bring salt back to their villages.  This is a work song that tells of that journey.  


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+ Lyrics


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Gasts’ie kharo gasts’ie

Satsaa gatendebao


Aghzevans mival marilze

Marils movit’an brolsao


Jer dedas gadavekhvevi bich’ebo

Mere shvilsa da tsolsao







Go on bull, go on

Dawn will soon break


I will go to Aghzevan for salt

I will bring back crystals of salt


First I will embrace my mother

And then my child and my wife


1Urmuli comes from uremi, which is a word to describe a bullock-cart that peasants would use while working the fields.  These carts would be taken with them on their journey to the mines to bring back salt.