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Zhuzhuna Latibashvili

Zhuzhuna has lived her whole life in an area historically called Hereti, a territory that borders Azerbaijan in the foothills of the Caucasus.  She began playing the panduri1 at an early age, and in her youth enjoyed writing her own songs.


Zhuzhuna has three daughters who all live locally, and the family enjoys singing together to this day.


1A three-stringed, fretted lute common in all regions of northeastern Georgia. The instrument is most frequently used to accompany ballad singing.  Read more about the panduri here.  

Zhuzhuna Latibashvili - Visi Khar Shvili
+ Song Info

A love song.

+ Lyrics

Visi Khar Shvili

(scroll down for English translation)


Ra vikhile sheni sakhe elvare

Gulshi vigrdzen siqvarulis ghelva me

Msurs mogidzghvna mteli kveqnis vardebi, siqvarulo

Shegetsvalo dardebi

/Me dghe da ghame, ara makvs dzili

Mitkhar lamazo, visi khar shvili/


Chemshi antebs tsiur ghamed k’veseba

Vemonebi shens k’anonebs ts’esebad

Mkholod shentvisa vgalobdi, avmgherodi

Ushenod me ert ts’utsats ver gavdzlebdi

/Me dghe da ghame, ara makvs dzili

Mitkhar lamazo, visi khar shvili/


Gamo gamo buchkebs nu uparebi

Damanakhve eg zhuzhuna tvalebi

/Ver gavighe sheni gulis k’arebi

Ek’lebi mchkhvlet’s, akhlos ver gek’arebi/

/Me dghe da ghame, ara makvs dzili

Mitkhar lamazo, visi khar shvili/




Whose Child Are You?


When I saw your sparkling face

I felt my heart agitated with love

I want to give you all the world’s roses

To take away your grief, my love

Day and night, I can’t sleep

Tell me beautiful, whose child are you?


I am lit up like the celestial night

I will be a slave to your laws

I was singing and praying only for you

Without you I cannot endure a minute

Day and night, I can’t sleep

Tell me beautiful, whose child are you?


Come out, come out - Don’t hide in the bushes

Show me those radiant eyes

I can’t open the door to your heart

Your thorns prick me; I cannot get close

Day and night, I can’t sleep

Tell me, beautiful, whose child are you?

Zhuzhuna Latibashvili - Khatabala
+ Song Info

A joke song, poking fun at family members.


To hear another version of this song, visit the page of Givi Avlakharshvili.

+ Lyrics


(scroll down for English translation)


Dedachemi zhark’osa sch’ams, chemi da k’i k’at’let’sa

/Mamachemi tsiv lobios, chamchats araia

Es ra khataia, khatabalaia/


Dedachemi p’alt’os itsmevs, chemi da k’i shubasa

/Mamichemis dzvel ts’inelsa k’optats araia

Es ra khataia, khatabalaia/


Dedachemi t’uplebs itsmevs, chemi da k’i bot’ebsa

/Mamachemis dzvel kalmebsa, t’qlap’its araia

Es ra khataia, khatabalaia/


Dedachemi avt’otit dadis, chemi da k’i mankanit

Sats’qali mamachemi dzlivgha dadis kankarit

Es ra khataia, khatabalaia


Dedachemi inishneba, chemi da k’i tkhovdeba

Sats’qali mamachemi k’i samudamoda k’vdeba

Es ra khataia, khatabalaia




The Disaster Joke Song

My mom eats spicy food

My sister, she eats cutlets

My dad, well he eats cold beans, without a spoon!

What a disaster, it's a disaster

My mom wears a coat

My sister, she wears a fancy jacket

My dad, well he wears an old overcoat, without buttons!

What a disaster, it is a disaster

My mom wears shoes

My sister, she wears high boots

My poor dad, he wears old sandals, without soles!

What a disaster, it is a disaster

My mom travels by bus

My sister, she travels by car

My poor dad, he can hardly walk even with a cane!

What a disaster, it is a disaster

Now my mom is betrothed

My sister, she will be married

But my poor dad, he will die eternally

What a disaster, it is a disaster

Zhuzhuna Latibashvili - Ori Guli Makvs / Saqvarelo Dedi
+ Song Info

A medley of two songs: The first, a love song, and the second, a song about mother.

+ Lyrics

Ori Guli Makvs / Saqvarelo, Chemo Dedi

(scroll down for English translation)


Ori guli makvs, ar vitsi

Romels vumghero maradzhams

/Ori gogo mqavs, ar vitsi

Romels ts’aviqvan tsolada/


Mtvare shens sark’mels anatebs

Okros skhivebit mortulo

/Gadmoikhede machuke

Eg sheni guli orgulo/


Sheni tmebis ch’agharam

Chemi guli daghara

Saqvarelo, chemo dedi

Dedi, dedi

Sul mudam zhams meqvarebi

Dedi, dedi

Saqvarelo, chemo dedi


Vimgherot, vimgherot

Mshobel dedas vumgherot

Mshobel dedis simghera

Aba vis mosts’qindeba

Saqvarelo, chemo dedi

Dedi, dedi

Saqvarelo, chemo dedi




I Have Two Hearts / My Dear Mother


I hold two hearts, I don’t know

Which I should sing for eternally

I have two girls, I don’t know

Which one to take as my wife


The moon lights up your window

It’s decorated with a golden beam

Come over here, gift me with

Your deceitful heart


* * * 


Your hair has gone gray

My heart has wilted

My dear mother

I will love you forever

My dear mother


I will sing for my mother

Who could this upset?

My dear mother