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Amiran Zurabashvili

Amiran was born and raised in the picturesque village of Chargali, Vazha-Pshavela’s1 birthplace.  He loves singing ballads on his panduri2 and on occasion gathers with local men to sing old Pshav3 songs. His voice can also be heard in Lashari Ensemble recordings.


1Luka Razikashvili (1861-1916) was one of Georgia’s most famous poets and writers. He wrote under the pen name Vazha-Pshavela, which literally means the ''son from Pshavi.'' He was born and raised in the village of Chargali where a museum for him, opened in 1961, exists today.


2A three-stringed, fretted lute common in all regions of northeastern Georgia. The instrument is most frequently used to accompany ballad singing.  Read more about the panduri here.  


3A highland in northeast Georgia. Read more about Pshavi here.  

Amiran Zurabashvili - Aseti Ghame Mkholod Mtebshia
+ Song Info

An unrequited love song.


To hear another version of this song, visit the page of K'eselo Ensemble.



+ Lyrics

Aseti Ghame Mkholod Mtebshia

(scroll down for English translation)


Aseti ghame mkholod mtebshia

Gulit minda da veghar vidzineb

Me shenze sevda shamamechvia

Gulit minda da veghar vitsileb


Net’avi ghmerto vints miqvars

Imasats veqvarebode

Da mere tundats pshavis khevs

Ch’irivit vejavrebode


Msurs rom mavans mivdevde k’valshi

Da tskhovrebis gza ar mkondes vits’ro

Me shvili minda mkholod iseti

Rom sheneuli tvalebit vitsno


Net’avi ghmerto vints miqvars

Imasats veqvarebode

Da mere tundats mtel chargals 

Ch’irivit vejavrebode




A Night Like This Is Only In The Mountains


A night like this is only in the mountains

I want to sleep so badly, but I can’t

My sorrow over you consumes me

I want to get rid of it so badly, but I can’t


Oh God, how I wish that the one I love

Would love me in return

Even if it infected all of Chargali1

With anger towards me


If only I could follow some other footprints

And broaden my life's road

I would still want a child

In whose eyes I'd see yours


Oh God, how I wish that the one I love

Would love me in return

Even if it infected all of the Pshav Valley

With anger towards me


1A picturesque village in the highland of Pshavi where Amiran is from. It is known throughout Georgia as the birthplace of Vazha-Pshavela, one of Georgia's most famous poets and writers.