Pitskhelauri Family Ensemble

Manana, one of the leaders of Didebai Ensemble, studied music in Tbilisi and today lives high up in the village of Goristsikhe, in Khevi.  A wonderful singer and a kind host, Manana enjoys making music with her four daughters in the rare moments when they all find themselves home at the same time.


Singers: Manana Pirtskhelauri and her four daughters: Teona, Shorena, and twins Maia and Sopo Chkareuli

Pitskhelauri Family Ensemble - K'ark'uchit Ts'amaiqvanes
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K’ark’uchit Ts’amaiqvanes

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K’ark’uchit ts’amaiqvanes kali lamazi tmiani

Shvidi maqari gamoqva shvidtave tskhenosniani

Ar maishala lamazma, shavi tolebis briali

Ts’qalat khidtan rom mividnen, dadga khanjlebis t’riali


Kalma stkva akhalgazrdasa, sitsilit shavep’arebi

Movak’vlevineb survilsa akhlos ar gavek’arebi

Bevrjer vqopilvar maqarshi bevrsats var gadanaqari

Is k’i ar gamigonia dedopals hk’otsnis maqari


P’irma daglotsot ghvtisanam nats’ilma bardzimisanam

Alaverds ts’minda giorgim kalakshi sionisaman

Ghmerto nu moshli am sakhlshi lkhinsa da gakharebasa

Vazhebs korts’inebasa, kalebis gast’umrebasa




A beautiful-haired woman was taken with a song

Seven groomsmen followed, all seven were horsemen

This beautiful woman didn’t stop sparkling her black eyes

When they came to the bridge over the water,

The daggers started turning


The woman said,

I will sneak amongst the youngsters with laughter

I will kill their wish without even touching them

I have been many times in groups of groomsmen,

I have met many of them

But I have never heard of the groomsmen kissing the bride


May you be blessed by the mouth of God

By the chalice, By Saint George of  Alaverdi,1

And by Sioni Cathedral2

May God never cease this feasting and happiness

The marriage of the sons,

And the sending off of the woman3



1A famous monastery in the eastern Georgian region of K'akheti.  The monastery was founded in the 6th century by Joseph Alaverdeli from Antioch, one of the  Thirteen Assyrian Fathers


2Sioni Cathedral of the Dormition. Originally constructed in the 6th-7th century, Sioni is a Georgian Orthodox cathedral in Tbilisi, Georgia.  Read more about the cathedral here


3Traditionally in the Caucasus, when a woman gets married she moves away from her family into her husband's home. 

Pitskhelauri Family Ensemble - Ikneba Arts Iqav
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This song was made famous by the singing of  Teona Kumsiashvili.

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There is no English translation available for this song. If you are able to provide one, please include it in an email to aurelia@tsutisopeli.com and we will update the page.


Ikneba Arts Iqav


O rogor mets’ada, me sheni khilva da

Ushenod suskhia, ushenod qinvaa

Eg nak’valevi khom darcheba iarad

Ikneba arts iqav ikneba khilva khar


Ch’rel tvalebs vadareb tu ram lamazia

Ramden dghes davitvli, ramdens ara mzians

Me am gulis met’i artsra mabadia

Eg gamokhedva k’i ise amaqia


O rogor mets’ada, me sheni khilva da

Pekhdapekh mogdevdi dghe iqo tu ghame

Vegharsad gip’ove tumtsa k’i dzvirpaso

Shevdzari mtebi da shevdzari kveqana


O rogor mets’ada, me sheni khilva da

Kneba arts iqav ikneba khilva khar