Givi Avlakharshvili

Givi was born and raised in Didebaantk’ari, a small settlement in the hills above the regional center of Dusheti.  He is a father of four and the proud owner of a booming voice.  Givi is the life of the dinner table and is fondly known by locals for accompanying himself on the doli (a folk drum played all over the Caucasus), while singing party songs.

Givi Avlakharshvili - Sirachkhana
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This song is about a popular place in Old Tbilisi where people would joyfully gather to drink, eat and sing.

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Sirachkhana sira jibis budia, budia!
Ortach’ala k’it’rebis da mts’vanilis

Lotianad dzma bich’ebshi mets vlotob

Genatsvale tkveni eshkhit davtvrebi


Ghvinit saves mogoravdes orqura, orqura!

Supris tavsats amshvenebdes t’arkhuna

Kindzi k’ama da bolok’its hqvaodes

Dasak’lavad tan bat’k’anits bghaodes


Chveni lkhena its’qebodes dilidan, dilidan!

Kheladebits ivsebodes ghvinita

Dol garmoni duduk’ebits mgherodes

Chveni lkhena qru-munjebsats esmodes


Mash davliot, sul davliot, davliot!
Chveni dgheni sul keipshi gavliot

Es tskhovreba sizmarivit movida

Movk’vdbit da ts’agvigheben glovita






Sirachkhana is the pocket’s nest, nest!

Ortach’ala2 is a place of herbs and cucumbers

I drink with the boys, my drunken brothers

I too will get drunk off of your charm


May the jug come to me, full of wine

May tarragon beautify our supra

May there be cilantro, dill and other vegetables too

And a lamb prepared to slaughter


Our merriment begins in the morning

The jugs are filled with wine

The accordion and duduki3 sing

May our gaiety be heard by even the deaf and the mute!


Let’s drink, drink and drink!

Let spend our days only in party

This life has come like a dream

We will die and they will take us away in grief.



1An outdoor place in Old Tbilisi where alcohol was sold.  It was a popular place for drinking and merrymaking.


2An old neighborhood in Tbilisi.  


3A wooden reed pipe instrument.  Dudukis are often played in pairs with the doli drum.

Givi Avlakharshvili - Mtebze Uk've Chamotovla
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This song is about a shepherd in love, and what he thinks when he is refused.

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Mtebze Uk’ve Chamotovla

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Mtebze uk’ve chamotovla

Modis zamtari

Hidlarisk’en ts’asasvelad

Para mzad ari

Sit’qva momets kali shvilo

Mitkhar martali

Sakorts’ino samzadisi

Mitkhar sad ari


Qvelas guli ase khmianobs

Vis gulshiats siqvarulis

Dardi t’rialobs

Mzian dgheebs vutkhrta dideba

Modi ertkhel momkhede da

Chemo shavtvala


Maghazis ts’in ideki

Iqo k’vira dghe

Me zevidan gap’ranch’ulma


Shegek’itkhe kalishvilo

Ak ras ak’eteb

Tsetskhlio da shavi ch’iri

Shen momadzakhe


Tsetskhle uk’an dagibrundet

Tkven sabdzels etses

Sul qvela gadagebugos

Mart’o shen darche

Shens k’I chemk’en gamorbode

Shvelas itkhovde

Mets ghimilit shegegebo da

Ertits gak’otse


Qvelas guli ase khiamobs

Vis gulshiats siqvarulis

Dardi t’rialobs

Mzian dgheebs vutkhrat dideba

Modi ertkhel momkhede da

Chemo shavtvala




There is Snow Already in the Mountains


It has already snowed in the mountains

Winter is coming

On the way to Hidlari

The flock is ready

Give me your word, virgin

Tell me the truth

Where is it that you are preparing

Your wedding?


Everyone’s heart beats like this

Grief spins in the hearts

Of those who know love

Glory be the sunny days

Come to me once and tell me,

Black-eyed darling


You were standing in front of the shop

It was Sunday

I came down with a grimace

I asked you, ''Virgin -

What are you doing here?''

''Fire and black plague''

Was what you told me


I will return the fire to you

To your house

It will burn everyone

And only you will remain

You will run to me

And ask me for my help

I will meet you with a smile and kiss you


Everyone’s heart beats like this

Grief spins in the hearts

Of those who know love

Glory be the sunny days

Come to me once and tell me

Black-eyed darling

Givi Avlakharshvili - Khatabala
+ Song Info

This is a joke song, poking fun at members of a family.


To hear another version of this song, visit the page of Zhuzhuna Latibashvili.

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Dedasheni volgit dadis

Sheni da k’i verbovk’it

Sats’qal mamashens dzveluremze k’opats ar akvs

Es ra khataia khatabalaa


Dedasheni k’at’let’sa sch’ams

Sheni da k’i erbok’vertskhs

Sats’qal mamashens tsiv lobioze kindzits ar akvs

Es ra khataia khatabalaa


Dedasheni koshebs itsmevs

Sheni da k’i prantsusk’ebs

Sats’qal mamashens dzvel kalmebze k’op’its ara akvs

Es ra khataia khatabalaa




What A Disaster


Your mother rides a Volga1

Your sister, by verbovk’a

Your poor father, in an old bullock cart

What a disaster – It's a disaster!


Your mother eats meat cutlets

You sister, butter-eggs

Your poor father, cold beans without even cilantro!

What a disaster – It's a disaster.


Your mother wears slippers

Your sister, fancy shoes

Your poor father, he wears old sandals, without soles!
What a disaster, it's a disaster.



1A Russian car that came out in 1956 in the Soviet Union and was known as a ''status'' car