Tamara Mgeliashvili
Kvemo Kedi

Born in Pshavi,1 Tamar moved with her family to Kvemo Kedi as a child.


In the Shiraki Valley on the border of Azerbaijan, Kvemo Kedi was settled by Pshavs in the beginning of the 20th century when the highlanders were encouraged to move to the plains, where they were given land and opportunity. 


Tamar attended school in Kvemo Kedi, married, and raised two sons and a daughter. She was known locally for her powerful voice and her renditions of songs from the mountains of her homeland. 


Tamar passed away in June of 2012, and is survived by her husband and children.


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1A highland in northeast Georgia. Read more about Pshavi.

Tamara Mgeliashvili - Ts'minda Giorgis Khat'is Perkhulisa
+ Song Info

We have very little information about this round dance song praising Saint George that Tamar remembered from the mountains of Pshavi where she was born.  She passed away unexpectedly just a week after this recording was made, leaving us with a single minute of her powerful voice.

+ Lyrics

Ts'minda Giorgis Khat'is Perkhulisa


Vakhsenoto, ghmerto vakhsenot

Mere bat’onio chvenio

Vakhsenoto, ts’minda giorgi

Ek’lesiazeo mdgario

Aralalo ver gavigone

Vakhsenoto ts’minda giorgi

Ek’lesiazeo mdgario




Saint George Round Dance 


Praise God!

And then our Lord,

Praise Saint George

Standing in our church

I cannot hear the sound of singing

Praise Saint George

Standing in our church