Laura Burduli
Kvemo Kedi

A kind and charismatic mother of four, Laura was born and raised in Kvemo Kedi. 


In the Shiraki Valley on the border of Azerbaijan, Kvemo Kedi was settled by Pshavs in the beginning of the 20th century when the mountain people were encouraged to move to the plains, where they were given land and opportunity.  


Laura zealously loves the village where she is from and is raising her children. She brings life to every village feast that she joins with her songs, laughter and beautiful toasts. 


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Laura Burduli - Dedis Dat'ireba
+ Song Info

A crying song, sung by a mother mourning her daughter’s suicide. Laura shares with us a detailed history of the song and her family’s involvement in the story:


''In 1937-1938 my grandfather Ilik’o Burduli was a farm worker for his godfather Iobi in Tusheti.  During those years, a woman named Asmat fell in love with him.  Prior to being farm workers, Asmat and her mother had been exiled to Siberia. They managed the impossible, to escape and make the long and harrowing voyage back to their village, Alvani.  Ilik’o, knowing that Asmat had been married while she was in Siberia and also knowing of the hardships she faced, deemed her unsuitable as a wife, and refused to marry her.  When she received my grandfather’s refusal, she committed suicide with a gun.


Asmat’s mother sang this song in mourning and local people who knew of the story learned it from her singing. Today we sing this song so as not to forget the history of this tragic love story.''

+ Lyrics

Dedis Dat’ireba

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Nagan rad gindoda

Gana bich’ iqavi

Vazhk’ats qopilkhari

Tavis dedisada

Vingha shemomighebs

Asmatos k’arebsa

Vingha shemomaqris

Dzrokha chamosuli asmat belukiti

Tan chamohqolia shvilo ilik’oi

Adeki gahqevi shen emag burdulsa

Aghar gagijavrdeb shen mona dedai

Bevrjer viareta chem shvilo zghvis p’irsa

Shig chaviqarneta ver gavbediita

Bevrjer varchieta k’ar-k’arga balakhi

Gvemonebodisa vera vch’ameita

Iarev shvilo iarev gadighamdebisav

Did gzas ambobenav im suletisasav

Tu sit shegeqaros shen avara mamaiv

Nustsa asch’k’vavdidiv nustsa khma gastsidiv

Dedis tavmok’lulo dedis gataulo

Deda mogik’vdesa asmato dedai

Deda mogik’vdesa asmato dedai




Refer to ''Song Info'' for a detailed explanation of this song.


Mother’s Mourning Song


What did you want with the gun?

As if you were a brave young boy…

Who will open Asmat’s door and tell me?

Asmat, the cows are in the yard

The cows have followed Ilik’o

Go and follow that Burduli1

Your slave mother won’t be angry with you anymore

Many times we walked along the seacoast

We stood watch, but didn’t dare…

Many times we chose the good grasses

But as slaves, couldn’t eat them

Go my child

Go now, for it will soon be dark

They say the road of the spirits is long

If you meet your good-for-nothing father somewhere

Don’t tell him anything

Mother’s murderer, this is the end of mother

May mother die in your place, Asmat!

May mother die in your place, Asmat!


1Ilik’o’s last name