Marik'a Aladashvili

Marik’a was born to musical parents in Arboshik’i, K’akheti, in the historical region of Kiziqi. 


She married into the village of Samtats’qaro, an interesting border town where the Alazani River divides Georgia from Azerbaijan.  Samtats’qaro’s residents come from many places, such as K’akheti, Ach’ara, and Azerbaijan, and Marik’a has learned some of their songs over the years.


With her infectiously joyful personality, she is well loved at the local school where she teaches music.

Marik'a Aladashvili - Sakartvelos Kalebi
+ Song Info

This song, called ''Georgia's Women,'' is based on Lado Asatiani's poem, ''Sakartvelo Iqo Mati Saotsnebo Sakheli.'' 


To hear another version of this song, visit the page of Mandili Ensemble & Nat'o Ts'ik'lauri.  

+ Lyrics

Sakartvelos Kalebi

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Mshvidobis mt’redi aprinda nair perovan mdelodan

Mshvidobis momkhre khalkhebo salami sakartvelodan

/Salami sakartvelo da/


Dzvelad turme, rotsa mt’rebis utvalavi jarebi

Modiodnen rom gaeghot sakartvelos k’arebi

Mamak’atsebs gverdit hqavdat, vit poladis parebi

/Da mt’rebs mattan ertad stsemdnen sakartvelos kalebi/


Ise mt’k’itse iqvenen, turme, vit met’ekhis k’edeli

Gmiri tamar vashlovneli da maia ts’qneteli

Mati khmali tsetskhls aprkvevda, mt’eri trtoda verani

/Sakartvelos tsis pers hgavda peri mati meranis/


Mamulistvis daikhotsnen vazhk’atsobis msakhvelni

/Sakartvelo iqo mati uts’mindes sakheli/




Georgia's Women

The dove of peace flew up from the meadow

The supporter of peace, greetings from Georgia


In ancient times

When uncountable armies of enemies

Were coming to open the doors of Georgia

Men had shields of steel

Georgian women were fighting, too


Wherever they wanted to be, they were

Always beloved and accepted

Georgia was theirs

The place of their dreams


The heroines were standing as strong

As the walls of Met'ekhi Fortress

Tina from Ts’avk’isi, Maia from Tskheneti

Their swords sparked and the enemies were frightened

The color of their horses resembled the Georgian sky

The color of pegasus


They died for their fatherland, without regret

And Georgia was the place of their dreams

Marik'a Aladashvili - Saingiloze
+ Song Info

This song is about Saingilo, an historic territory of Georgia where many ethnic Georgians live, that today is part of Azerbaijan.

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O sakartvelos niavi

Dakrole saingilosk’en

Kurmukhis ts’minda santlebo

Saingiloze ilotse


Shen shegvets’ie giorgi

Shen shegvets’ie ts’mindao

Kartveli davarche kartvelad

Me met’i ara mindao


Gulo ar chakre iare

Sulo ar chakre iare

Chven gavamteleb chvens mamuls

Chven moushushuebt iarebs


O sakartvelos niavo

Dakrole saingilosk’en

Kurmukhis ts’minda santlebo

Saingiloze ilotse




Georgia’s breeze

Blows towards Saingilo1 

Kurmukhi’s2 sacred candles –

Pray for Saingilo


Save us, Giorgi

Save us, Saint

I don’t want more

Than for Georgians to remain Georgian


Heart, don’t be quelled – walk

Soul, don’t be quelled – walk

We will restore our fatherland


Georgia’s breeze

Blows towards Saingilo

Kurmukhi’s sacred candles –

Pray for Saingilo


1A territory in western Azerbaijan, historically linked to Georgia by way of politics and culture. The territory was disputed between 1918-1920, when both Azerbaijan and Georgia claimed it. Under Soviet rule the territory was allocated to Azerbaijan, but as borders were fluid, travel and cultural exchange were possible. Since the mid 1990’s many points along the border have closed and passing across has become much more difficult.  The district of K’akh, which borders Georgia, has a rich Christian inheritance from the Middle Ages. Today there are many people in Saingilo who identify with Georgia culturally and religiously. Read more about Saingilo here.  


2An old Georgian settlement in present-day Azerbaijan, outside the city of K'akh which was historically Georgian territory. There is an old Georgian Orthodox church there called Kurmukhi’s Church of Saint George.

Marik'a Aladashvili - Sakartvelo
+ Song Info

This song entitled ''Georgia'' was made famous by the singing of Ilia Zakaidze (1924-2008), one of Georgia's most famous 20th century singers.


+ Lyrics


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Sakartvelo dedamits’is qvavilnari

Silamazit zghap’radtkmuli nat’vristvalia

/Sinarnarit p’irimzit da p’irimtvarisa

Sap’at’ardzlo samk’auli zurmukht’-lalisa/


Ar momk’vdara tsotskhalia upro mshvendeba

Tsotskhalia arasodes ar daberdeba

/Sakartvelo gulshi vardada aqvavebia

Maszed met’ad tvit sitsotskhlets ar mqvarebia/


Bevrjer siskhlit shegvighebes mt’k’vari rioni

Magram monad ver aktsies k’avk’asioni

/Sakartvelo rustavelis t’k’bili mshobeli

Erek’les da saak’adzis ts’armomshobeli/






Georgia, mother earth’s flower garden

Like a fairytale in her beauty

Georgia, the face of the sun and the moon

A bride, adorned with emeralds and rubies


She is alive! She is becoming ever so beautiful!

She is alive and she is ageless!

Georgia, blooming as a rose in my heart

I love her more than my own life


Many times were painted

The Mtk'vari1 and Rioni2 red with blood

But still they did not enslave the Caucasians!

Georgia, Rustaveli'ssweet parent

Creator of Erek’le4 and Saak'adze 


1The largest river in Georgia, the Mtk'vari flows through Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan before it enters the Caspian Sea.


2The largest river in western Georgia, the Rioni flows from the Caucasus mountains of Rach'a westward into the Black Sea.


3Shota Rustaveli was a poet in the 12-13th centuries, and one of the most important contributors to Georgian literature. His most famous piece is a national epic poem called ''Knight in the Panther's Skin.''


4King Heraclius II united the Kingdoms of Kartli and K’akheti during his rule in the 18th century.